We have tried it before. Actually, many times previously during the last 15 years. Therefore we know that we should always begin with what we do not know.

Right there is where the effective digital strategy begins. That is where the user friendly results-oriented solution begins to take shape. That is where we begin to make a difference.


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We select the best process model for the task and adhere to it. We seek out and collect knowledge, and then we analyse and verify it before moving to the next step. Then we develop the first concepts and test the ideas on real people. Then we go through it all again.

We work in a simple manner here at the beginning where uncertainty is greatest.

We work in a simple manner here at the beginning where uncertainty is greatest. Over time, the uncertainty decreases and more complex methods can be brought to the table. But we always go back and ask the target group every time this makes sense. We have methods that allow us to receive answers from day to day, and this can reduce the uncertainty periods by weeks.

Thoroughly tested processes

All of our processes are structured and thoroughly tested. The ensure that you get from A to Z without forgetting anything along the way. Our experienced teams also pride themselves on being flexible, quick to take action and not afraid to change direction when it makes sense.

Then we develop the UX, then the design – and finally, a prototype. Then we run more tests.

The research provides us with clarity, the concept provides us with direction, the prototype provides us with focus and the many tests provide us with certainty. Then we are ready to begin coding.

The results are presented every 14 days (or more frequently)

Digital projects are never linear, and therefore we never use waterfall models in development – we are always agile. This means that we prioritise what is most important together, and then subsequently we develop it in a so-called “sprint” of 14 days or less. Upon the completion of every sprint, you will have a product to consider. You assess the results and we agree on what is to be the top priority in the next sprint. And so on and so forth. You are never alone in your decision-making during this process. We do not just bring our experience to the table, but also our beliefs on what we should be working and we cannot refrain from challenging your opinions (unless you explicitly tell us not to, of course).

For large tasks, we work in Scrum and for smaller tasks, we use Kanban or a modified Scrum.

Weekly overview and ongoing communication

All development projects follow fixed processes for communication between you and our consultants. Here, the project manager is your fixed contact person. It is possible for you to be directly in touch with the involved consultants while the project is running. After this, you will carry on communicating with the project manager.



We take budgets and deadlines seriously, and the project manager will send a weekly traffic light status on the schedule, budget and resources being used.

All other communication takes place through the Basecamp system, which gathers all dialogues in manageable ticket formats. This allows you to always know where the project is at, be aware of potential risks and get an overview of the individual tasks, in addition to their priority and status. Internally, our consultants communicate through the ticketing system Jira – a strong, structured and internationally recognised system that helps people work together on tasks.

Different kinds of collaborations for different kinds of needs

Regardless of whether you want an exploratory project we together find the most profitable solutions or if you want a fixed framework for either the budget or the results, we have project models that fit.

Full service

Peytz & Co are full-service. This means that we can help with the entire processes, from the idea phase to the daily operations. That we never suggest something that is impossible to develop – and that we never develop something that does not match the customer’s strategy.

We have project models for all kinds of projects. For exploratory projects where we together find the most profitable solutions. For fixed-budget projects. And for projects that focus on one specific result.

Our experienced project managers assist in selecting the best model for the development of, for example

  • a digital strategy
  • concepts user analyses
  • UX design sprints
  • graphic design
  • websites
  • mail solutions
  • specialised applications

The launch of the new tv2fyn.dk site on Tuesday has for months been so perfectly on schedule that it would make German engineers break down in tears of joy.

Esben Serup, CEO of TV 2 Fyn

Standard processes for standard tasks

When the budget or schedule is tight, we provide equally tight standard processes that are still agile, and which – in a fixed framework – ensure that the process is completed as quickly and efficiently as possible while still ensuring that nothing is forgotten underway. For example, this could be website development, a Google Design Sprint process or an SEO review.

Standard processes have a fixed price and a guaranteed yield at an agreed upon date. All meetings are scheduled before the project is started and the delivery will contain precisely what has been agreed upon.

We are responsible for the entire solution

We offer application management and operational deliveries with fixed processes for the ongoing updating of software that ensures that you can test the updates to modules and plugins before we go live with them – critical security updates are excepted, however. We are responsible for the whole solution being up and running and working, and not just that the server is plugged in.

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When the solution is in operation, the reporting of smaller ongoing tasks is done easily, quickly and in a structured manner in Basecamp. Urgent tasks are reported over the phone to our support team at +45 72 200 112.

All solutions are monitored 24/7/365 by our own DevOps.

Dedicated team for service and support

Our own service and support team are available on all channels during normal working hours.

24-hour on-call phone support is offer for certain highly critical solutions.