Peytz & Co is a full-service digital agency established in 2002. Peytz & Co is owned by key employees and brings together +100 creative, analytical and technical minds.

Our clients

We offer solutions for clients that aim to harness the communicative potential of the internet for commercial or publicist purposes. We supply web, mobile, and tablet solutions for clients, primarily in media, membership organisations, and public administration.
We mostly work with relatively large Danish and international corporations with complex technical and communicative projects, including Bonnier Publications, Danish TV 2, Trade Union 3F, and Nykredit Bank.

Our proces

We help our clients analyse their target audiences. We develop digital strategies that enable our clients to meet the needs of their audiences. Through information architecture and design, we create user experiences that ensure the effectiveness of the final product to the client’s goals and the users’ requirements.

Our belief

We believe in developing solutions that engage the end user. We believe that a publicistic attitude can help other industries as well.
Any website is reactive. Users visit websites with specific purposes in mind and expect the site to offer a solution.
Any website owner must understand this in order to develop proactive strategies and maintain relations to end users over time. In other words, a website needs to employ a range of different digital ways to communicate in order to stay in touch and keep users coming back to the site.

Our experience

We know that any proactive digital strategy must fit the client and the client’s clients. We make customised solutions from gathered insights and strategy through development to final product.
We know that although all solutions are customised, our technological backbone supports 90% of any client’s basic requirements.

Our technological backbone

Peytz Mail

We have developed Peytz Mail to advance the dialogue and relationship between websites and email. Our system is used by more than 100 companies, including the Danish Public Broadcast Corporation DR, the groupon provider Dagens Bedste, and Metro International. We distribute more than 2 million personalised email newsletters on a daily basis.

Content Management Systems

We develop digital solutions in four CMS’es: Drupal, WordPress, TYPO3, and Neos. Our websites are used in 80+ countries worldwide, and our developers are both active participants in the Danish and international communities of our chosen CMS’es as well as in organising local meetups and conferences.

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