We almost always recommend that smaller system are tied together with open standards, rather than developing one big system that would solve all needs – but use far too sophisticated technology. We integrate systems both with and without enterprise service bus. Call it Microservices or Service Oriented Architecture – to us, it is just called using common sense.

When the standard programs are not enough, then we develop custom business-critical applications – and we are glad to add requirements concerning high performance with a lot of simultaneous users and/or great amounts of data.

Open source technology

We most often work with Open Source. This is because we believe that it makes the product better (it is not necessarily cheaper) – but we are not married to the idea of working with Open Source only. We have more than 15 years of experience working with many different kinds of solutions.

We reuse thoroughly tested functional elements where it makes sense to do so and where it supports your business needs. Also here, our experience means more value for the money.

Docker, GoLang, etc.

We work with a predefined toolbox of technologies that are good at solving various needs. A great love of technology means that we are constantly keeping up to date on developments, best practices, new languages and tools. In practice, this means that we continually change our tools in order to always be able to deliver “best-of-breed” technologies and processes.

Our tool box consist of, among other things:
Docker, Angular, Kubernetes, Go, Symfony, Ruby, Elastic, MongoDB, Varnish, Amazon Webservices, Peytz Mail, Drupal, WordPress, Typo3, Flow, Neos, GoLang, PHP, Unix and Apache.