Data centres




Sites hosted

We host more than 250 customer solutions on our own cloud. In particular, our customers appreciate the high uptime, the efficient support and the smooth scaling when traffic peaks. As it relates to sensitive personal data, they are glad that all of our servers are located in Denmark.

We use ISAE 3402 audited data centres, ISO27001/2 as our frame of reference, the environment is DDoS protected and we monitor performance 24/7-365.

SLA on both hardware and software

We have guaranteed response times on both hardware and software. Our uptimes therefore apply to your entire solution, and not just one part of it.

High uptime and full redundancy

The uptime of at least 99.9% is due to having complete redundancy at all levels so that defective hardware never becomes an issue, but it is also very much due to our close collaboration with our developers and system administrators. Furthermore, we also strive to always have five times as much capacity as we need during the average daily load on the system so that no one becomes a victim of their own success.

All solutions are live during both stages and production – this allows for new functions to be tested in the operating environment.

Constant updates and incremental backup

In their daily work, system administrators and developers sit side by side and this is naturally an advantageous setup for when systems are having issues. The team makes sure that there are constant updates of software and services (and that service is mandatory for everyone). Backups are of course incremental – and fortunately, we have never had to seriously rely on them.

Monitoring 24/7/356

Our automated monitoring ensures that our round-the-clock team immediately discovers errors that are occurring and guarantee that a solution is being worked on within 180 minutes, regardless of the time or date – so far, however, we have always started well before the 180 minutes expired.

Strong support around the clock

Finally, we want to mention our support team which receives maximum scores in our customer satisfaction surveys. During the day, our support centre is manned by staff at the office, and when they go home, the on-call support line takes over. (The on-call supporter of course also has a backup).