Development firm

We have strong expertise in selecting, deploying and operating standard open source technology – and also to develop customised web applications when businesses require it.

Our more than 50 developers work closely together from offices in Copenhagen, Aarhus, Oslo, Chisinau and Sofia. Our working language is English and the focus is on delivering high quality services on time and at the agreed upon price. We always keep in mind the needs of both the users and the business – and we prefer challenging our customers’ routines and beliefs rather than settling for a “somewhat good” solution.

The objective is to provide the most value for the money. Therefore we work in open source. Therefore we work in an agile manner. Therefore we acquire new technological knowledge and share it with others as a natural part of our work day.

We work in an agile manner and in close dialogue with the customer. Deployment is automated, and the DevOps principles are a part of our everyday life.

ISO 27001/2

Our solid, incorporated processes ensure tight management, secure deliveries and stable solutions. We use ISO27001/2 as our frame of reference and monitor performance 24/7/365.

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