We are a digital agency deeply rooted in communications. That is something you need. Regardless of whether or not you are selling ideas, memberships or umbrellas, you need to communicate something to someone.

Our experienced consultants use thoroughly tested processes and have worked on more than 300 customer projects. They help you zero in on the most important business objectives, customers and target groups. We find out what you need to say to whom, and where and when to say it. Then we measure the effect and make adjustments as needed.


We begin by providing you with insight. This is where we analyse your numbers (we love numbers) and speak to your customers/residents/members (we love people) in order to increase our own understanding – and to increase your own.

We take a look at your SEO and your SEM and your results. We are strong supporters of data-driven decisions, and yes, we like to push the boundaries a bit here.


Then we make a plan for how to communicate what you are trying to say. This could be as part of a outright strategy or “merely” a spot-on concept. It is about making your users love doing what you want them to do. Together, we fully identify what we need to do and why and how to do it.

We work with Business Model Canvas, Value Proposition, Pretotyping and measurable KPIs.

We also make use of all our technical competences – messages, channels and technologies are closely correlated in the world we operate in.


Design is an important factor in making the users do as we want them to. The design should create an overview and support user journeys and information flows. Therefore, design is first and foremost a user experience / UX.

The graphic design acts as a beautiful, aesthetically pleasing wrap for the effective user experience. We can also geek out completely, like we did with glyptoteket.dk.


It is generally the case that we develop one or more digital solutions for our customers, most often involving a CMS.

Our 40+ professional developers have built Denmark’s largest CMS installation (DR.dk) in Drupal, and many hundreds more of small and medium-sized sites in Drupal, WordPress, Typo3 and Neos.

We work with Pattern Lab and Invision – this allows you to see the entire front end working before we start coding functionality.

When a standard CMS is not sufficient, we create customised applications for both mobile phones, tablets and desktops.

Ongoing optimisation

Digital solutions are never “completed”, because both the techniques and your customers/residents/members are all constantly in development.

The solution must be maintained, the KPIs need to be measured and your SEO, SEM, newsletters and Marketing Automation need to be monitored and adjusted.

We will, of course, help you do all that.